About Jaffer
Established in 1949, the Jaffer Organization, the leading well drilling company in the state of Florida, has drilled over 7,000 large diameter wells. With a fleet of over 14 drilling rigs, Jaffer’s operations center is located in Miami, Florida where it maintains its executive offices, two warehouse facilities, a machine shop, and equipment yard, all situated on three acres of property. The Company specializes in storm water Class V Drainage wells, large diameter municipal supply wells, Reverse Osmosis (RO) production wells, Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells, and deep monitor wells. Also qualified in well rehabilitation, pump pulling, acidization and other assorted well treatment services, Jaffer offers its services through contract negotiation and the competitive bidding process.

Founded in 1949, by Harold G. Jaffer, Jaffer primarily installed commercial and residential irrigation and water systems. In the 1960’s, when south Florida was suffering from excessive storm water which polluted waterways and caused flooding, Jaffer took the lead to manage the excess water – the use of storm water injection wells. Today, Jaffer is the premier storm water injection well driller in the state of Florida. From West Palm Beach to Key West along the coastal region there are very few properties to be found that are NOT situated upon a well drilled by Jaffer.

Held in high regard with professionals, contractors, and municipalities alike, the industry recognizes Jaffer as the premier contractor in storm water discharge wells and commercial supply wells. Jaffer Well Drilling has maintained its position due to its proprietary drilling methodologies and its experience and knowledge of the Department of Environmental Protection and Water Management District permit application approval process. The Company has leveraged this reputation to expand into the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) well drilling markets. In addition, its customized state of the art drilling equipment and drilling techniques enable the collection of detailed information used for ASR well design. With Florida’s water crisis at or near the top of every counties’ and municipalities’ concern list, Jaffer has and will continue to see a rising demand for its services, whether it be municipal supply, Aquifer Storage and Recovery, test/monitor, or storm water injection well construction.