Equipment & Capabilities
Dual Tube / Dual Table Drill Rigs
In a collaboration effort with a leading drill rig manufacturer, Jaffer introduced the first production of the Dual Tube / Dual Rotary Reverse Air Drill rig. This proprietary system uses a lower rotary casing driver to advance 12” up to 24” casing through tough overburden. Simultaneously, a top rotary head handles 7” x 4-1/2” dual walled drill pipe equipped with 11” to 23” tri-cone bit to drill inside or ahead of the casing. While drilling test/pilot holes, casing is not required as a 7” open center bit is used with air providing 99% accuracy at each sampling level. Air circulates downward through the annulus of the inner and outer pipes to the bit sub where a venturi redirects the air, along with continuous uncontaminated geologic samples, up through the inner pipe to the surface. The cuttings pass through the discharge swivel into a sampling recovery unit permitting easy and accurate collection. No drilling mud is used during this process, allowing for uncontaminated and accurate water and lithology sampling. Upon removal of the bit/drill pipe assembly, mud can be displaced into the drilled open hole, thus providing the ability to geophysically log the hole after gaining accurate core and water quality samples. Presently, Jaffer Well Drilling staffs and operates five of these unique drill rigs.

Mud Rotary Drill Rigs
Presently, Jaffer Well Drilling maintains and operates four mud rotary drill rigs complete with mud containment circulation systems, drill pipe (sizes: 3-1/2”, 5-1/4”, 7”), compressors, cementing units, and test pumps capable of up to 5000 gpm tests. With a diverse fleet of drill rigs, Jaffer is well equipped to construct wide-ranging classes of water wells up to 48” in diameter. Our past experience includes Floridan Aquifer wells, ASR wells and deep monitor well refurbishments. Our fleet includes the following:
  • Dugan Double drill rig with complete top drive drilling capability and maximum hookload of up to 268,000 pounds.

  • Ewbanks M100 complete with hookload capacity of 100,000 pounds.

  • 3500 Speedstar drill rig complete with hookload capacity of 95,000 pounds.

  • Ewbanks M50 complete with hookload capacity of 50,000 pounds.
Cable Tool Rigs
Jaffer Well Drilling owns and operates 4 complete cable tool style drill rigs used primarily for drainage well work and installation of surficial support pit casing on deep supply well projects.